The Inside Story of "All Gas No Brakes"

Andrew Callaghan, 23, built a following with his YouTube series “All Gas No Brakes.” This month, he announced that he’d left the show. Here’s what happened.

Andrew Callaghan, 23, produced some of the most fearless and unique reporting on YouTube last year with his show “All Gas No Brakes.” He composed, empathetic, entertaining pieces of journalism through his on the ground interviews at events like Burning Man, the Area 51 raid, a Flat Earth conference and a furry festival. As the Black Lives Matter and anti-police brutality protests kicked off last summer, Andrew became the go-to news source for millions of young people online.

Then, his show went dark.

For this feature on All Gas No Brakes I got details of the contract dispute and the behind the scenes scoop on what really went down. Please give it a read!

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