The Green vs Purple GTA Gang War Taking Over TikTok

You've probably seen this all over TikTok

I did a Twitter thread on this, but since I’m trying to be better about sending this newsletter and I wanted to have a link for posterity, here’s a little explanation of a trend that’s blowing up right now on TikTok.

You’ve probably seen the zillion TikToks cropping up about green vs purple, here’s what it’s about:

In Grand Theft Auto there’s an online mode where you play with other people. You can choose outfits to wear, sort of like Fortnite.

A short time ago, a bunch of kids put on the green alien looking suit outfit and made “green alien gang.” Other kids put on purple outfits and created a “purple gang” as rivals. They all play in one world and record their battles and post them with “green team” or “purple team” usually to Travis Scott audio.

The top videos for a lot of rap songs on TikTok have become completely dominated by green gang vs purple gang content. It’s inescapable.

In order to spread the content and go viral, hundreds of kids have begun making green or purple gang TikTok pages, many of which are getting tens of thousands of followers. The pages usually link to green or purple Discord servers for ppl who want to join the team and coordinate plays.

In addition to the green and purple gang, there are also kids who play in hazmat suits and monkey outfits. Recently, another gang of kids put on suits to capture members of the green gang, then kids put on monkey outfits to fight the suits. That’s why a lot of TikToks feature people in monkey suits. Here’s a helpful breakdown of the most popular gangs on GTA currently.

According to one TikTok, green gang and purple gang leaders recently “sat down to discuss the turf war.” Sadly, an agreement could not be reached. The warfare continues and lots of kids have begun changing their TikTok profile pictures to green or purple aliens in solidarity.

Green vs purple fight videos are raking up hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok, which is only getting more kids involved. The meme has also crossed over to normal TikTokers who have begun creating content around it simply because it’s trending. They don’t play GTA or really know what’s going on, but they want to ride the viral wave. This is a similar thing to what happened when LEGO Star Wars took over TikTok and members of the Hype House joined the LEGO Star Wars army by changing their profile pictures.

The green gang reigns supreme for the time being at 14.2 million members, per one gaming commentator.

For a look at more of these videos just search #greenaliengang, #purplegang, or any #gta5 related hashtag on TikTok. My thread also has a lot of TikToks.