Famous Birthdays Is A Wikipedia For Gen Z

Famous Birthdays has become a go-to database of teen culture—and is ushering in a whole new generation of stars.

Hi! I wrote about Famous Birthdays.

If you want to know who the biggest TikTok star is right now, who is in Emma Chamberlain's squad, or where Baby Ariel grew up, there's only one website that will give you the answers: Famous Birthdays.

Despite its name, the site contains more than just birthdays—it’s more like a constantly updated, highly detailed map  of who matters to the teen internet, featuring a mix of biographical information, photos, videos, rankings, and detailed statistics on every social media star you could think of. And to teenagers, it's a Bible. "They have everything you want to know about everyone who is important," said Grace, a 14-year-old in St. Louis.

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