Emma Chamberlain and the Rise of the Relatable YouTuber

Teens are abandoning hyper-produced personalities for people who seem just like them.

I wrote about EMMA CHAMBERLAIN and how she's transformed YouTube and why teens love her.

Emma is a complete homegrown YouTube star, she literally started with 0 followers two years ago and now has over 8M. Unlike the current class of big YouTubers, she didn't get big on another platform first or come up through collabs.

Chamberlain is best known for pioneering an editing style that it feels like literally every teen girl on YouTube has adopted. It's super fast moving, tons of cuts, lots of face and voice distortions, floating images, basic text, and just a very lo-fi vibe.

While Chamberlain is the biggest and most notable "relatable" YouTuber, she's part of a whole rising class of young women on YouTube who vlog in that style including Joana Ceddia, Summer McKeen, Hannah Meloche, Hailey Sani, Ellie Thuman, Haley Pham, and more.

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