Do you even Dispo?

Some are calling David Dobrik’s new photo app, Dispo, the next Instagram.

This past week it seems like everyone is talking about Dispo, a new photo sharing app by David Dobrik. People are clamoring for invites to test the beta version. Early adopters are praising its social features. And investors are betting big on its future.

Though Dispo’s latest version has only been available to the public for less than a week, the app has climbed the ranks in Apple’s App Store. Dispo-themed discussion rooms have popped up on Clubhouse. YouTubers are sharing reviews, tips for scoring invites and growth hacks. Just as VSCO gave rise to the VSCO girl, Dispo has produced a stable of “Dispo boys.” Some photos from Dispo have even hit the online art market as NFTs, or “nonfungible tokens.”

I wrote a 101 on the app for anyone still wondering what the heck it is and what makes it so compelling.

Basically, Dispo mimics the experience of using a disposable camera. In the app, users frame photographs through a small rectangular viewfinder. There are no editing tools or captions; when the images “develop” — i.e. show up on your phone at 9 a.m. the next day — you get what you get. Multiple people can take photos on the same roll, as might happen with a real disposable camera at a party.

“When I used to go to parties with my friends, they would have disposable cameras all throughout the house, and they’d urge people to take pictures throughout the night,” said David Dobrik, a YouTube star and a founder of the app. “In the morning, they’d collect all the cameras and look back at the footage and be like, ‘What happened last night?’”

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