A Little Bit of eBay, a Little Bit of Instagram

DePop is teens’ one-stop shop for thrifted clothes and social-media clout.

I wrote about DePop, which is a popular social shopping and thrifting app that a lot of Gen Z/teens use to sell old clothes. It’s also very popular with young influencers and I wrote about why.

The real secret to DePop's success is that it allows users to amass two of the most valuable modern currencies: money and clout. Becoming a top seller on DePop is a springboard to fame on YouTube or Instagram. It also provides built-in monetization for a future career as an influencer. In the scramble to secure brand deals and launch merch lines, having a successful DePop store can be a lifeline. Plus, you can't be called a sellout when you made a name for yourself as a seller.

Buying and selling clothes on DePop also helps influencers keep their feeds looking new. "We're trying to look cool and fashionable and fresh all the time," said Harry Hill, a social-media influencer in Brooklyn who attended DePop LIVE. "So if we can take a pic in a shirt one day and sell it the next, that move just ups your game on both platforms."

READ: A Little Bit of eBay, a Little Bit of Instagram